Marksmanship Proficiency

A high confidence level when shooting at a small target up to 250 yards or further from a set of shooting sticks or bi-pod is recommended.

Fitness Level

Varies from easy to moderate! Spotting is done from a vehicle, and once a trophy goat is located, we can usually get you fairly close to the antelope in the truck. This usually leaves a short to medium stalk so a moderate fitness level is recommended.

Game Pressure

Extremely LOW as only 10 to 12 permits per year are issued for over 100,000 acres.


Rush Creek Guide Service offers a limited number of antelope hunts every year, and on these hunts we have enjoyed an almost 100% success rate every season! The Texas Parks & Wildlife performs helicopter surveys every year to determine antelope herd densities in all regions of the Texas Panhandle. Once this is completed, they determine how many tags they will issue each ranch in a certain region for that year based on the size of the ranch and the density of the herd. This insures that the antelope herd in all areas of the Panhandle will not be over-harvested and numbers of trophy antelope will remain high.  Most of the antelope that we harvest have horns ranging from 13″-15″ with several of our larger antelope exceeding the B&C minimum!

A typical day of antelope hunting starts at daylight with the guide and hunter positioned in a strategic location which allows them to glass the surrounding area for antelope. If no trophy antelope are spotted, the group will then drive the ranch roads stopping from time to time to glass the countryside as they look for prairie goats. Once a trophy antelope is spotted, a stalk is planned and executed usually with the aid of antelope silhouette decoys. The terrain is rolling with some ground cover which allows for great stalking conditions. If the stalk doesn’t end successfully, the good thing about this type of hunt is that there is almost always more antelope just over the next hill. This hunt is great for young hunters or for anyone looking for a relaxing, low pressure hunt. Permits for these antelope hunts are limited to usually no more than 15 permits.

Due to the current state of economy and operating costs changing every day, please contact Danny Pierce at Rush Creek Guide Service for pricing information.
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