Quail & Pheasant

Quail & Pheasant

An average day of quail hunting with Rush Creek usually consists of approximately six hours of hunting behind our dogs. On an average year, we move between 8-12 coveys of birds a day. One of the key factors to a good quail hunt is good dog work. Without good dogs, no matter how many quail there are, you are unlikely to have much success. It is also important to remember that in this country, we periodically experience hot, dry, and windy days, that are not conducive for good scent conditions so the performance of your own dogs will be greatly effected no matter how experienced they are. It is also important to remember that dogs not used to working in a dry, arid environment rarely perform as well as dogs that are native and use to these types of conditions. Please feel free to bring your own dogs, but be prepared that their full capabilities might be hindered depending on conditions.

Quail hunts are available on a fully-guided basis using our vehicles, guides, and dogs. Food and lodging is also available. For semi-guided hunts, you provide the dogs & vehicles while our guides will show you the property boundaries for the hunts.

During the month of December on our ranch in Dalhart, TX, Rush Creek offers a fully guided hunt for both Bobwhite and Blue Quail and Wild Pheasant. It is not uncommon to kill all three species in a days hunt.

$300 per gun – Semi-Guided – You provide your own transport & dogs, we provide land
$400 per gun –Fully-Guided – 2 hunter minimum – We provide dogs, transport, & land to hunt

COMBINATION UP-LAND HUNT (Bob-White and Blue Quail, Pheasant)
$500 per gun –Fully-Guided – 2 hunter minimum – We provide dogs, transport, & land to hunt
****This combo hunt is only available for the month of December during the TX Pheasant season.*****

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