Whitetail Deer

Marksmanship Proficiency

A high confidence level with the ability to shoot up to 250 yards or further is recommended.   Opportunities will be available at shorter distances but good medium range shooting proficiency will increase your odds.

Fitness Level

Light as most hunts take place from a tree stand or blind.  Some easy to moderate spot & stalk opportunities over easy terrain will present themselves in some cases.  Extreme cold/heat and high winds may occasionally be a factor.

Game Pressure

Moderate to  Very Low. Due to the number of acres leased on many different ranches we are able to rotate stand sites between hunts so none of our areas become over hunted.

Whitetail Deer

Our Whitetail Deer hunts consist of a 5-day hunt using tree-stands, blinds, and some spot & stalk depending on the weather. Most clients harvest whitetail bucks ranging from 125″- 150″ with a few lucky hunters bagging bucks in the 160″-170’” range!   Bow season starts October 1st every year with Rifle Season starting the 1st Saturday in November  and runs though January.  The rut usually starts around the weekend before Thanksgiving and usually peaks around Nov. 30-Dec 1.  As with all our hunts, all our ground is exclusive and private .

Depending on your experience and comfort level hunters can be either guided 1-on-1 or can hunt on their own. If you are a good  long distance shooter, we have great open country hunting opportunities.  Binoculars and a rangefinder are recommended.   Hunts are available with food & lodging provided at our camp house in Kelton, or you can purchase your own accommodations at one of  Wheeler’s motels or Bed & Breakfasts. We are also a Cabela’s Whitetail Deer Outfitter, and hunts can be booked through them.

Due to the current state of economy and operating costs changing every day, please contact Danny Pierce at Rush Creek Guide Service for pricing information.
Thank you!
Due to the current state of economy and operating costs changing every day, please contact Danny Pierce at Rush Creek Guide Service for pricing information.
Thank you!

If you are looking for a great Whitetail hunt that is “100% Fair Chase”, then we have what you are looking for here at Rush Creek Guide Service. When thinking of Texas whitetails, many people picture deer with good racks, but small body sizes. But that’s not the case in the Texas Panhandle as we are producing many bucks with body weights exceeding 200 lbs. with racks to match! The Texas Panhandle lies directly to the southwest of Kansas, and we all know what kind of bucks that area is famous for producing. In our opinion, this area of the United States is a hidden honey hole for trophy class whitetail! And unlike most areas of the U.S., the opening day of rifle season is always the first Saturday in November every year so this insures that rifle season will always coincide with the peak of the rut when those really mature bucks are most vulnerable.

Over the years, we have taken many bucks in the 140”-150” class, with several more in the 160’s and even a few in the 170″-185” class. Most of the Whitetail hunting will take place from a double bull blind or a ladder/tripod stand that is strategically placed overlooking agriculture fields, brushy draws, creek bottoms, or mature tree rows/wind breaks.  Rattling & grunting can be very effective during the pre and post rut periods. Also, if the conditions are right, we will spot & stalk in some of our open areas and canyons.

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