Mule Deer

Mule Deer

Marksmanship Proficiency

Hunters need the ability to shoot up to 150 yards or further with confidence, but longer range marksmanship ability will improve your chances of success significantly.

Fitness Level

After spotting a trophy animal, we can usually get you fairly close to him in the truck due to the low hunting pressure on this ranch. This usually leaves a short stalk over rough terrain so a moderate fitness level is recommended. Some stalks can be longer in the more remote areas of the ranch however. Extreme cold/heat and strong winds with low wind chills can be a factor when stalking for long periods so it is recommended that hunters dress in layers so they can be added or removed as the situation dictates.

Game Pressure

Extremely LOW! Being extremely careful regarding the management of our mule deer herd, we only harvest between 8-14 bucks per season, and our success rate is 100% on shot opportunities at a trophy buck.

Mule Deer

All mule deer hunts occur in the western Texas Panhandle. This is primarily a spot & stalk Mule Deer hunt, but as whitetails continue to expand their range to the west, the chance of taking a Trophy Whitetail is also a possibility. We routinely take mule deer bucks weighing between 300-375 lbs with antler scores ranging from 155-185 B&C. We hunt an exclusive Panhandle ranch with over 100,000 acres of mesquite flats, sage/grass canyons, and Cottonwood bottoms.  Call for details.

Due to the current state of economy and operating costs changing every day, please contact Danny Pierce at Rush Creek Guide Service for pricing information.
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