Marksmanship Proficiency

A moderate confidence level shooting up to 100 yards or further is recommended. Target may possibly be moving at a slow speed. Opportunities might present themselves at shorter distances so buddy hunting with one hunter carrying a rifle and the other carrying a shotgun is a good tactic.

Fitness Level

This is a sit and call hunt with easy walking. Weather conditions will vary depending on season.

Game Pressure

Extremely LOW



Bobcats inhabit all of the ranches leased by Rush Creek guide Service and offer an exciting predator hunt as they are susceptible to being lured in by calling.  They are not as aggressive as coyotes responding to a call as they are prone to slipping into the call and then sitting and watching from a distance before coming closer.  Bobcats can be harvested year round in Texas, but can only be harvested during a fall season in Oklahoma.


Coyotes inhabit all the ranches leased by Rush Creek Guide Service and offer an exciting predator hunting opportunity!  Coyotes are quite susceptible to calling and sometimes charge into the call very aggressively.  Coyotes can be harvested year round in both Oklahoma & Texas!

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